Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Unexpressed Feeling

I don’t need much time to recognize it
I don’t need much words to explain it
I don’t need much theories to solve it
I don’t need much place to talk about it
I don’t need much opinions to feel it

Cause I feel it, always…
Everytime you looked at me in every word you told me
I know, that you are my home where I will always back
Home where  shading me from stormy skies
Home where I am protected from extreme sunlights
Home where I always belong

Do you know, that I love you?
Eventhough I never told you as you never told me
But I believe, you do…
I never could say any good words to you,
But you still there, tried to understand as well as on my mind
I never could give you any pride,
But you still there then say, “never mind.. you did your best”
I never could give happiness for you
But you still there, made me laugh when I really needed
I couldn't be a good listener sometimes
But you still there, tried to explain all the things when i was wrong
Until I realized that you were right without any apologize..
But you were always there, with your big pardon for me

While smiling, but my heart is going to cry…

Dear my beloved Daddy… you are the best man in my life!
I love you…
*Eventhough I never could tell you  

2 komentar:

Go Hyuuga mengatakan...

Wadduhhh....aku tertipu...kukira mi Kak Herry...
Bilang tong ma lagi "ihiiiiyyyy...." pas di "Do you know, that I love you?"

Sy slalu mw bilang mirip skaliko pacemu ^___^

BTW, dew...ortu mu nampak bahagia, makmur nan jaya...tapi kok badanmu tidak seprogresif ortumu yah ? Pdhal serumah juga, wkwkwk....

d. mengatakan...

hahhahaha.. wah klo Kak Herry dkasi' bgitu di blog nantiK muntah2ki...

miripka memang tapi dia versi bijak-nya.. -.-'

heyyy... itu takdir.. hahhahha