Selasa, 29 November 2011

[L] [I] [F] [E]

Hy there… long time no see with you all… J
Hehhehe… long time no updating this blog, such I’m so busy. That’s right I’m busy, busy to decide what am I going to do with my life? Jobless in 2 weeks kind a useless human in your home, believe me. Ok, let’s start about my life. I have finished my contract about 6 months in a mining company in Soroako, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Actually they wanted extend it, but it just need ‘lil more time because there was a problem with their contract between the vendor and company itself. Last week my boss called me by phone, he said it will need longer time, cause the company made some new procedures in hiring people. Well.. it’s not the point of my story actually… J

Life is simple. Some people said.
Life is beautiful. Others said.
Life is not always like what we expected. I said.
Here we go. My life. More than 8 months have some job that I should do, every day. Do something, deliver something to reach something. And now? Stay at home only in 2 weeks just made me feel so… USELESS. Up and down. Black and white. But…. I believe that what we felt can be controlled by our mind. Yeah, maybe not all of your feeling, but everyone has their mood buster right? J

So, I tried to do something different that I never did in Soroako. Cooking. Hha! It’s not that simple, my friends… =.=’ Yesterday I tried to cook a blackforest, but it’s TOTALLY FAILED! The cake didn’t expand, the cream wasn’t good enough. Rrggghh… it was annoying. I thought I have no talent in cooking. But I believe, it was just a first step in a long process in learn. This is the first time, so it doesn’t mean it could change my mind and made me surrender in cooking. NO! at least, by the fault I know now the right one. The right way. And I’ll try to make some others cake… J

I did another thing that I love in my fully BREAK time while looking for another permanent job. I took some pictures about anything around me. I love photography and I learn about it right now. Hoping so much someday I can describe the world well with writing and capturing.  Here it is some pictures…
Hang on you
Hunting in green
The Sun and The Glasses
Before I learnt about photography, I loved photo editing first actually. Below are pictures that i took then edited. Some good some bad... :)
More Contrast
Too Deep... *Sorry =.='
try try try... :)
I just wanna tell you, that the life is not about how we can get the happiness, but how we can change the sadness into happiness, how we can thank God for everything we've got, how we can manage our time to think, do and feel the best of us to others for the best life. Never say tired to try... :)

We may Fail..
But we may not Surrender...
Have a great life all... :)