Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

Time is Flowing

Wow... 2011 will pass soon... So much things I did and couldn't do this year... Actually I never made a self resolution on any new year in my life. But I believe everyone has their own hopes, wishes and plans to do in every year, even if they didn't make it in new year moment just like me. :)

As a muslim I  prefer to make my self resolution at the beginning of Romadhon... to become a better person in GOD way, for everyone around me, for my life and afterlife. But for life target, we can say that would be easier to make it at the beginning of Masehi year. I thought so.

Such 24 times before, I don't have any self resolution for 2012. But I Thank God for anything I've got and did for this blessing year.. :) These are...
January : Busy with my lovely Final Project and all of administration stuffs...
The Project Site View of my final project
February : my Final Examination month... Alhamdulillah.. :)
March : my Graduation month, and got first job before Graduation day..
Become an Engineering Bachelor
April : busy-busy-busy-home-office-home-office-no weekend
May : Went to Soroako took contract for 6 months for the second time in Maintenance System - PTI
Busy-busy-busy with documents
June : busy for new activity in Soroako.. jogging on the weekend :D
July : Audit-audit-audit.. fiuuhh..
August : Romadhon is a blessing month.. o:) Blackbox would be new lifestyle.. =.='
September : work-work-work
October : Socialization for staff of PTI...
November : Final presentation, end of contract in PTI, i've got my deBioo.. :)
December : hunting-edit-hunting-edit.. :D job seeker and freelance photographer and dreamer... :D
BW editing
lent fix lens by my fren :)
love love love
Well.. everyone has their own way to be happy..
Enjoy the life for a great afterlife all.. :)
See you on 2012.... \(^_^)/

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